Pursuant to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, The City of Manassas Park is mandated to provide its customers with water that is safe under all foreseeable circumstances. The City of Manassas Park, therefore, must take reasonable precautions to protect the community distribution system from possible contamination. One of the major concerns of the Safe Drinking Water Act is a condition known as backflow. Backflow occurs when water reverses direction and flows from a customer's private water system into the community distribution system. This condition is a result of a change in water pressure in either the community water system or the private water system.
The City of Manassas Park in compliance with the Safe Water Act has implemented a program to protect the community distribution system from possible backflow conditions. This program will require that every Commercial and Industrial establishment be individually inspected by a City Inspector to determine if any backflow situation exist on the site.  Please be advised all private water service connections require an approved backflow prevention device Installed between the customer's private water system and the city's distribution system.  Backflow devices must be inspected annually by an approved tester to verify that the device is correct for the degree of hazard and is working properly.  Test results report must be submitted to the Department of Building Inspections, 1 Park Center Court Manassas Park Virginia.


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