A-1 Zone: The agricultural district in the City of Manassas Park.  Please see Chapter 31, Article IV, Section 31 for more information on this zone.

Accessory use:  A subordinate use or structure customarily incidental to and located upon the same lot occupied by the main use or building.
Acreage:  A parcel of land, regardless of area, described by metes and bounds which is not a numbered lot on any recorded subdivision plat.
Administrator:  The zoning administrator of the City of Manassas Park, Virginia.
Adult book store:  An establishment which has a substantial or significant portion of its stock in trade, books, magazines, or other periodicals and which excludes juveniles in accordance with sections 18.2-390 and 18.2-391 of the Code of Virginia (1950), as amended.
Adult mini motion picture theatre:  An enclosed building with a capacity for less than fifty (50) persons used for exhibiting motion pictures, shows, or other presentations and which excludes juveniles in accordance with sections 18.2-390 and 18.2-391 of the Code of Virginia (1950), as amended.
Agriculture:  The tilling of soil, the raising of crops, the keeping of animals or fowl, horticulture, forestry; the cultivation of orchards, groves, or nurseries for growing or propagation of plants, trees and shrubs; dairies.
Airport:  Any airfield, aerodrome, airstrip, landing strip, heliport, or other place, on land or water, for the operation of aircraft.
Alley:  A right-of-way which provides secondary service access for vehicles to the side or rear of abutting property.
Automobile service station:  Any place of business with pumps and underground storage tanks, having as its purpose the servicing, at retail, of motor vehicles with fuels and lubricants, and including a general repair shop.


B-1: The neighborhood business district in the City of Manassas Park, VA.  Please see Chapter 31, Article IV, Section 31 of the Code of the City of Manassas Park for more information on this zone.

B-2: The general business district in the City of Manassas Park, VA.  Please see Chapter 31, Article IV, Section 31 of the Code of the City of Manassas Park for more information on this zone.

Basement:  A story partly underground and having at least one-half ( 1/2) of its height above ground.
Billboard:  See Sign, outdoor advertising.
Board:  The Board of Zoning Appeals of Manassas Park.
Boarding house (rooming or lodging house):  A dwelling, other than a hotel, where, for compensation, meals and/or lodging are provided for three (3) or more persons.
Buildable area:  The area of that part of the lot not included within the yards or open spaces required within.
Building:  Any structure having a roof supported by columns or walls, used or intended to be used for the shelter, housing, or enclosure of persons, animals, or chattels, including tents, cabins, and carports. Where divided by party walls from the ground through the ceiling, each portion of a structure shall be deemed to be a separate building.
Building, completely enclosed:  Any building having no outside openings other than ordinary doors, windows, and ventilators.
Building, height of:  The vertical distance from the average elevation of the finished lot grade at the front of the building to the highest point of the roof.
Building, main:  The principal building or the principal buildings on a lot, or the building or one of the principal buildings housing the principal use on the lot.


Carport:  Any space outside a building and contiguous thereto, wholly or partly covered by a roof, and used for the shelter of motor vehicles. An unenclosed carport is a carport with no side enclosure that is more than eighteen (18) inches in height, exclusive of screens (other than the side of the building to which the carport is contiguous).
Car wash, manned  : Any motor vehicle cleaning business conducted entirely within the confines of an enclosed structure that houses the business and for which employees of the business perform all aspects of motor vehicle cleaning.
Cellar:  The portion of a building partly or wholly underground, which has one-half ( 1/2) or more of its height below the average grade of the adjoining ground.
City:  City of Manassas Park, Virginia.
Clinic:  An establishment where human patients who are not lodged overnight are admitted for examination or treatment by physicians or dentists.
Club, private:  Those associations and organizations of a fraternal or social character not operated or maintained for profit, but the term shall not include night clubs or other institutions operated as a business.
Commercial:  Any wholesale, retail, or service business activity established to carry on trade for a profit.
Commercial vehicle:  Any exterior indication on a vehicle which denotes a business such as signs or lettering on the vehicle or any vehicle which has a weight exceeding five thousand (5,000) pounds or any vehicle registered or titled to a business or home occupation.
Commission:  The Planning Commission of the City of Manassas Park, Virginia.
Common area:  All land within a subdivision or townhouse development, excluding public streets and rights-of-way and private lots, held either by the owner/developer, or an individual nonprofit corporate owner whose members shall be all property owners within the subdivision or townhouse development.
Conditional uses:  See article VI.


Dancing establishment (dance hall):  Any place open to the general public where dancing is permitted, to which an admission fee is charged, or for which compensation such as the sale of refreshments, food, or any form of merchandise is received. Private clubs shall be excluded from this definition, provided attendance at dance is limited to bona fide members of such clubs and bona fide guests of such members.
Development:  Any man-made change to improved or unimproved real estate, including, but not limited to, buildings or other structures, the placement of mobile homes, streets and other paving, utilities, filling, grading, excavation, mining, dredging, or drilling operations.
District:  Any section of the City of Manassas Park in which the zoning regulations are uniform.
Domestic storage:  Storage of or pertaining to the family or household on the premises, such as garden implements, tools, and household items.
Drive-in:  A term used to describe an establishment designed or operated to serve a patron while seated in an automobile.
Dwelling:  A building or portion thereof, designed or used exclusively for residential occupancy, but not including trailers, mobile homes, hotels, motels, motor lodges, boarding houses, or tourist homes.
Dwelling, mobile home:  See Mobile home.
Dwelling, single-family:  A structure, other than a mobile home, arranged or designed to be occupied by one (1) family, the structure having only one (1) dwelling unit.
Dwelling, two-family:  A structure arranged or designed to be occupied by two (2) families, the structure having only two (2) dwelling units.
Dwelling, multiple-family:  A structure arranged or designed to be occupied by three (3) or more families, the structure having three (3) or more dwelling units.
Dwelling, townhouse:  See Townhouse.
Dwelling unit:  One (1) or more rooms in a dwelling designed for living or sleeping purposes, and having only one (1) kitchen.