Construction in Bloom's Crossing began in 1993 and was completed in 2002.  Today, there are 916 homes in a variety of models that make up Bloom's Crossing. 

Bloom's Crossing offers many different sizes of single-family homes with both single and double car garages available.  There are 783 single-family homes within Blooms Crossing.

Bloom's Crossing also includes 133 townhomes.  Some of these townhomes come complete with a single car garage.

Bloom's Crossing is quite large and encompasses Black Hawk Ct., Silver Meteor Ct., East Carondelet Dr., Nancy St., S. Whitt Dr., Kevin Ct., Steve St., Brandon St., Elizabeth Ct., Michael Ct., Heather Ct., Bradley Ct., William St., Greenshire Dr., Hedgeford St., Deborah Ct., Stephanie St., Cougar Ct., Sonia Ct., Laurie Ct., Paige Ct., Cynthia Ct., Becky Ct., Zachary Ct., Alexa Ct., Joshua Ct., Karen Ct., Elise Ct., Shannon St., Jenna Ct., Katelyn Ct., Golf Ct., Fairway Ct., Eagle Ct., Arnie Ct., Gary Ct., Jack Dr., Payne Ct., and the majority of Matthew Dr. and Jan St.

Primrose at Bloom's Crossing offers unique single family homes, all with first floor master suites.
Primrose at Bloom's Crossing is accessed via West Carondelet Drive.  Primrose at Bloom's Crossing is locate on Primrose Ln. and Rosebud Ct.

Bloom's Crossing is managed by:

First Service Residential 
Blooms Crossing Owners Association, c/o First Service Residential, 11351 Random Hills Road, Suite 500, Fairfax, VA, 22030