City Hall Reopens with Protective Measures

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In the wake of the snow storm, the City reminds residents to do their part to make the area safer by removing snow and ice on sidewalks in front of their home.  The responsibility for clearing walkways is defined by law in the City Code.

Sec. 20-12. Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks.

The tenant or occupant and, in case there shall be no tenant or occupant, the owner or any person having the care of any building or lot of land abutting on any curbed or paved sidewalk shall, during the first eight (8) hours of daylight following the time when snow or ice ceases to fall or form, cause the same to be removed from such curbed or paved sidewalk.

Manassas Park City and Prince William County schools are asking the community to help make sure students are safe if they walk to school or wait at bus stops:
"If everybody pitches in to clear sidewalks and walkways, it will make a tremendous difference. If you live in a neighborhood, you might consider gathering a group of parents to clear away bus stops. If you have a residential association, please contact them to request help with bus stop clearing and urge them to help clear fallen trees, common sidewalks, and side streets for school buses if this has not been done already," states an announcement on the County Schools' website.