City Hall Reopens with Protective Measures

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The VA Department of Social Services will again provide qualifying households with cooling assistance during the summer months this year.

Types of assistance can include payment of electric bills to operate cooling equipment, repair of central air conditioning system, purchase and installation of a window unit air conditioner, and others.

 In order to qualify for cooling assistance, a household must have a child less than six years of age, an individual living with a disability, or an adult age 60 or older living in the home. Eligible households must also meet income requirements

Individuals and families who have a need for cooling assistance, but are unsure of their eligibility status, are encouraged to submit an application. Families and individuals may submit an application through their local department of social services or by calling the Enterprise Customer Service Center at 1-855-635-4370. Applications can also be submitted online via CommonHelp.

Applications are currently being accepted until Thursday, August 15, 2019. Please see the below for more information.

Download this file (2019_Cooling_Media-Release.pdf)2019_Cooling_Media-Release.pdf[ ]426 kB