Governing Body

The Mayor and Council Members, who exercise all powers granted to the   City by Virginia   law and City Charter

Commissioner of the Revenue

Personal Property Tax, Business License, Meals Tax, and Vehicle Decal   applications


Payment of Property Taxes, Permits, Licenses, Fines, and Pet Tags

Registrar of Voters

Registering to Vote, Absentee Voting, and Election Information

City Clerk

Agendas, Minutes, and Record-keeping. The Clerk is appointed by the Governing Body.

City Manager


The highest ranking appointee of the Governing Body, the City Manager   oversees daily operations of City Departments and Offices.

City Assessor

Determines Real Estate   Assessments (Value)

Finance Department

Comprehensive Financial Management   – includes accounting, bond and bill payments, annual budget, financial   reporting

Fire & Rescue Department

Fire Prevention and   Suppression; Emergency Rescue and Medical Transport

Department of Human Resources

Employee Relations,   Recruitment, Compensation, Benefits, Safety and Risk Management

Information Technology

Information Technology   Services; servers, computers, phones

Parks & Recreation

CityParks and Special Event Operations, Community Center Programs, Social and   Educational Services.

Planning & Zoning

ComprehensiveLand Use   Planning and Zoning Enforcement

Police Department

Law Enforcement, Crime   Prevention and Animal Control

Public Works Department

Water & Sewer   Operations & Billing, Trash Collection, Street and Traffic Signal   Maintenance

Social Services

Eligibility Programs,   Foster Care, Financial Assistance, Child and Adult Protective Services