Ever been stuck at the railroad crossing on Manassas Drive because of an errant reading? We want you to know that City staff is aware of roughly 5 instances where the railroad crossing arm on Manassas Drive has experienced intermittent issues (e.g. lowering when there is no train coming) since the beginning of this year. City staff has been actively engaging Norfolk Southern, to include onsite meetings with the Division Manager, regarding this. Several actions were taken as a result of these engagements, to include the replacement of all components that could contribute to the issue, all related sensors and the entire control box. This has helped to mitigate the issue. City staff encourages all residents to always take precautions as they approach the railroad crossing.
However, should there be an error in the future, all residents are encouraged to report it to 1-800-946-4744 (Crossing # 714-342Y) in addition to calling 911 to help facilitate safe traffic crossing. This will provide the necessary data collection to help Norfolk Southern to identify and correct the root cause as they continue their investigation of system enhancements.